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Lets hit it.

100 burpees never held us back from a challenge, right?

If you don't have a treadmill or a track close by, use a street block as your reference point.

Your run is at YOUR push pace. It may be a power walk, a light jog or a sprint-whatever you can give yourself in that moment.

Aim for four rounds but ultimately use the time you have in front of you.

Maybe that's two rounds now and two later, or three rounds might be where your body tells you enough.

Your body. Your workout.

Here we go!

25 Burpees-walkout, or jump out, with pushup or without. Your call.

.25mi Run

20 sets of Step Ups, weighted or not.

20 sets of Bicycle Crunches

4 Rounds

This can be done at all levels. Modify to your needs.

Let us know if you complete this workout by tagging us on FB!

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