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All of us at Door 804 are wishing you and yours a Happy Easter. We hope you are finding precious moments with those you love, filled with celebration.

Remember hunting for Easter eggs as a child and feeling so excited as you filled that basket? Well, despite these uncertain times, we want you to remember that your basket is fuller than ever. Let's reflect on all of these blessings as we move our bodies this week.

Grab your kiddos, or challenge a friend through your screen, and lets work on building these eggs and bunnies, together.

Workout posted on photos below.

You complete each corresponding move to earn yourself that decoration for your egg or bunny. To add more than one of each shape on your egg, complete that many sets of the move that goes with it. So if our egg has 4 circles on it, we would do four sets of twelve jump squats and so on.

You can easily print these photos to reference back to and have with you away from your computer.

Make your eggs your own, drawings are just for inspiration.

If you complete, please share your drawings with us all!

Happy Easter!

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