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Meet Our Instructors:



I love every aspect of fitness...but what it does for your mind is really what keeps me motivated. One 15 minute workout can change your entire outlook. It shifts the world in a more positive light. It changes how we view ourselves, and others. And that is a pretty incredible gift. 



I teach because I love people and I want nothing more than for people to love themselves and know their worth and power, too!  With each class that we get through as a team, through moments of challenge and discomfort, we realize the strength, power, and resilience within us all.  

As a mother, business owner, & wife, I'm a decision-maker, a list maker, and a lunch maker. Teaching helps refill my own bucket.



I teach to offer an opportunity to change lives. More than any other form of self-care the practices of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises catalyze change for us. They are simple, deeply powerful, and completely accessible to all.



I love to teach because I know many individuals struggle and if I can use my knowledge and experience to help them - even in the slightest- it uplifts the both of us. 


Teaching brings my love of fitness and community together. The accomplished feeling you get after a workout, especially one with others, is empowering. I love seeing people working to better themselves and push their limits.



The connection between music and dance is what first hooked me to Zumba. I never feel like I am working out when I am doing that and it is truly an honor to be able to share that with our community. 




I teach because I love fitness. Being active has always been a part of my life in some shape or form. I can honestly say that I've never met a fitness class I didn't like. 


I have a strong desire to help people, and with personal training I am able to help other men & women change & empower themselves! 



I love to feel like I am making a difference! Even if it is one class or one person I want to feel as though I am making a difference.


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