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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Luck of the ROLL Workout


roll dice to determine move | time or reps given dependent on what number you roll | once that move is completed immediately roll dice again and continue circuit style until your set time or number of rolls is up.

We did this for 10-15 minutes per section, however, make  this work for YOUR schedule and sneak it in when you can.

Do one section now, maybe another later if that is best for you. Again, this is your time and your workout-take what you need, when you can.

It can be even more fun if you involve family.

Invite them to workout along side of you, and those kiddos always love to roll the dice.

Be creative with weights, and use what you have around you.

Use cans, water bottles, children, whatever it might take. Ha!

Biggest thing: make it fun!

Happy Irish Day friends!

Lower body

1-10 single leg glute bridges per side

2- 20 box|chair|step jumps or step ups

3- 30 seconds sumo squat pulses

4- 40 lunges total | 20 walking | 20 lateral

5- 50 seconds skinny wide squat hops

6- 60 second wall sit

Upper Body

1- 10 pushups

2- 20 tricep dips

3- 30 seconds of burpees

4- 40 second overhead press, can use weights or similar objects

5- 50 total mountain climbers

6-60 second plank hold


1-100 jump ropes- rope or no rope

2- 20 star jumps

3- 30 skaters

4- 40 plank tucks

5- 50 high knees

6- 60 jumping jacks

Kiddo style:

1- 10 jumping jacks

2- 20 total hop on one foot| 10 per side

3- 30 seconds running around, quick feet

4- 40 seconds between plank and plank jacks- switch every ten seconds with a tiny break

5- 5 burpees

6- 6 frog hops down the hall, 6 back

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